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Towards a New Decade of Confucius Institutes

“Let the cloud sea wash the sky, to make Fujian’s landscape new and high”. These lines were written by Chinese President Xi Jinping when he was working in Fujian Province. Today, it gives me special pleasure to meet you all, my old and new friends, in the city of Xiamen, which has beautiful scenery and nice weather, to draw new blueprints together for future development at the 9th Confucius Institute Conference.

Agenda of Confucius Institute Conference 2014


Exhibition Series

The First Global "Confucius Institute Day" Congratulatory Letter & Photo Exhibition,Confucius Institute 10th Anniversary,International Chinese Teaching Materials Exhibition


Information Fair of the Headquarters’ Programs

Exchange and Q&A between divisions of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Chinese/foreign directors of Confucius Institutes and Classrooms.


Opening Ceremony

  • Speeches by Chinese and foreign delegates
  • Keynote address by Vice-Premier Madame Liu Yandong
  • Award ceremony of the 2014 “Confucius Institute(Classroom)of the Year” , “Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award”, “Outstanding Confucius Institute Chinese Partner” and “Confucius Institute Pioneer Award”


Closing Ceremony

  • Lecture: The State of the World and the Vital Nature of Your work
  • Lecturer: Professor. John L. Thornton, Senior Consultant of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Brookings Institution, U.S.A
  • Lecture: Chinese Culture and the Development of TCL
  • Lecturer: Mr. Li Dongsheng, Chairman, CEO and founder of TCL Corporation
  • Summary

Honor's List 2014

25 Confucius Institutes

5 Confucius Classrooms

30 Teachers

10 Chinese Partners

10 Confucius Institutes