Directors' Forum I:The School-running Characteristics of Confucius Institute and the Development of Local Economy

Session I

Time:13:30-15:00,December 7th

Chair:Carsten Boyer Thøgersen,Director of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute,Denmark

        Yu Xuejun,Director of Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College,USA



1.Jin Xing,Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Sydney,Australia

2.Muhammad Elzayat,Director of Confucius Institute at Suez Canal University,Egypt

3.Kebede Yadetie Hawas,Director-General of TVET Institute and Director of the Confucius Institute,Ethiopia

4.Wu Jihong,Chinese Director of Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute at Hyogo College of Medicine,Japan

5.Sontaya Anakasiri,Director of Confucius Institute at Phuket,Prince of Songkla University,Thailand

6.David John Joyner,Director of Confucius Institute at Bangor University,UK

7.Sun Dong,Chinese Director of Confucius Institute of Business at the State University of New York,USA


Session II

Time:15:30-17:00,December 7th

Chair:Azarae Haji ldris,Director of Kongzi Institute for the Teaching of Chinese Language at the University of Malaya,Malaysia

        Deborah Trott Pierce,Director of Confucius Institute at Webster University,USA



1.Wang Gang,Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Pernambuco,Brazil

2.Arsenio Aleman,Executive Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Havana,Cuba

3.Yan Xu-Lackner,Director of Confucius Institute in Nuemberg-Erlangen,Germany

4.Zhou Weisheng,Honorary Director of Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan,Japan

5.Joseph N.Wolukau,Director of Confucius Institute at Egerton University,Kenya

6.Chun Hong Chul,Director of Confucius Institute at Woosuk University,Korea

7.Wang Bo,Chinese Director of Business Confucius Institute at University of Leeds,UK

8.Zhou Haigang,Director of Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University,USA