Directors' Forum VII:Development of Online Chinese Language Teaching and Testing

Session I

Time:13:30-15:00,December 7th

Chair:Hu Zhiping,Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters,Deputy Director General of Hanban,China

        Hua-Hua Chang,Director of Confucius Institute at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,USA



1.Isao Okubo,Former Director of Confucius Institute at Fukuyama University,Japan

2.Isabel Cervera,Director of Confucius Institute in Madrid,Spain

3.Zhang Xinling, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at Phuket,Prince of songkla University,Thailand

4.Ke Chuanren,Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Iowa,USA

5.Chen Qi,Direcior of Confucius Classroom at Crestar Education Group,Singapore

6.Liang Yu,Director of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Publications,Higher Education Press,China

7.Yuan Li,Director of Scholarships Division,Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban,China


Session II

Time:15:30-17:00,December 7th

Chair:Lawrence Gu, Vice Chairman of Confucius Institute Online,Director of Confucius Institute at British Columbia Institute of Technology,Canada



1.Ahmed Cassim Bawa,President of Durban University of Technology,South Africa

2.Sun Peng,Director of Confucius Institute at Vellore Institute of Technology,India

3.Stefan Nowicki,Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Wroclaw,Poland

4.Anna Eriksson,Executive Director of Confucius Institute at Blekinge Institute of Technology,Sweden

5.Ni Ruhui,Deputy Director of Confucius Institute at Michigan State University,USA

6.Li Jinlong,Assistant General Manager of Confucius Institute Online,China