Presidents' Forum II:Enhancing the Partnership between the Chinese and Foreign Institutions

Session I

Time:09:00-10:30,December 8th

Chair:Ahmed Cassim Bawa,Vice Chancellor of Durban University of Technology,South Africa

        Alan Langlands,Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds,UK



1.Ujhelyi István,Member of European Parliament and Chairperson of the Board,Confucius Institute at University of Szeged,Hungary

2.Habibullah Habib,Chancellor of Kabul University,Afghanistan

3.Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi,President of University of Bahrain,Bahrain

4.Zhang Rong,President of Shandong University,China

5.Bojarski Marek,Rector of University of Wroclaw,Poland

6.Ivanets Sergey,President of Far Eastern Federal University,Russia

7.Eduard Galazhinskiy,Rector of Tomsk State University,Russia

8.Frederik D'hulster,Vice Rector of University College West Flanders,Belgium

9.Nello Angerilli,Associate Vice President of the University of Waterloo,Canada

10.Adrienne L Martin,Interim Vice Provost of University of California,Davis,USA

Session II

Time:11:00-12:30,December 8th

Chair:Luigi Lacchè, Rector of University of Macerata, Italy

        George C.Wright,President of Prairie View A&M University,USA



1.Xu Anlong,President of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine,China

2.Ibrahim Mohamed Rachadi,President of University of Comoros,Comoros

3.Admasu Tsegaye Agidew,President of Addis Ababa University,Ethiopia

4.Akisato Mizuno,President of Kogakuin University,Japan

5.Wojciech Nowak,Rector of Jagiellonian University,Poland

6.Charles Bantz,Chancellor of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis,USA

7.Earl H.Potter,President of St. Cloud State University,USA

8.Evgeniy Tsoy,Vice Rector of Novosibirsk State University of Technology,Russia